I spoke with several of the clients and found them to be happy and optimistic about their futures in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  AJ's Transitional Living is also a highly respected facility known in the recovery community.  This is the only Clean and Sober home of its kind in my district, and is deserving of any funding to keep it operational. . . . I firmly believe in Art and Jeanine Wilson's commitment to this endeavor and I support the needs of AJ's Transitional Living facility.

Ryan Sundberg

Former Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor

The Wilson's facility provides a place for residents to safely rebuild their lives without continued exposure to addictive substances.  There are very few facilities like AJ's Transitional Living.  Residents speak of benefiting from a friendly and supportive environment that allows them to once again pursue their education or work lives as well as rebuild relationships that were damaged while they were using addictive substances.  Some residents have physical or mental challenges pursuant to their former addiction and AJ's allows these individuals to regain their equilibrium with the support of Art and Jeanine as well as the other residents.  I myself have recommended this facility to professionals whose clients need this sort of milieu in order to sustain their recovery efforts.

Marguerite Story-Baker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Master's, Social Work; Master's Public Administration; Master's, Addiction

. . . . Before coming here I spent the majority of the past eight years chronically homeless.  I lived in six previous clean and sober houses in Humboldt County where I was unable to stay sober.  That changed when I moved here.  The difference between this house and the others is the owners, Art and Jeanine Wilson, who devote all their energies and finances into teaching us how to live sober lives.  Their selfless service and example have allowed God to work miracles in those who live here. . . . I am grateful to be sober today and for the happy, healthy future I can look forward to, thanks to my time here.

Ellyn A.


I had spent most of my 56 years, drunk and alone with a TV and nightly quart of brandy.  Today I need to build sobriety time day by day, in a safe and supportive home.  That's here in AJ's: We here are unquestionably dedicated to beating addiction.  We don't romanticize drug/alcohol use, we beat it day by day, actively working AA/NA programs.  And the fellowship is awesome.  I'm a part of a team winning victories from addiction, a truly intoxicating state of mind.  Also, the services provided are extensive and I can focus on my sobriety.  Finally, it is beautiful and serene here.  I walk to the beach every day.  The sunsets are breathtaking  The redwoods heal me.  I am very grateful to be here.  Sobriety?  Yes, I can.

Mark G.


By far the greatest sober living environment in Humboldt. Great group of people, great staff, awesome recovery, beautiful location and home and such an affordable cost! This place is truly a blessing and the people that run the place give lots of love and grace. I'm forever grateful for this house and the people who run it. If your struggling with addiction of any sort and wanna change your life for good, this would be the place to do it. Best reputation and success rate in Humboldt county for transitional living. Be the change, let go of your addiction and come be loved and accepted by your new family by not only here, but in your new family of AA and NA. God bless to this place and every person in recovery and especially those still suffering..

Justin S.

Former Resident

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